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As crimes increase around the world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to gather proof and track down criminals. In many cases, law enforcement agencies need call detail records to collect pieces of evidence and track criminals. Many cases are complicated and hard to solve without knowledge of call detail record. They can't analyze CDR without expert analyst and struggle a long time to solve the case.

How do CDR details help law enforcement agencies?

Today, it is very difficult to identify criminals and find out their location. Collecting evidence of call records can work as good proof in court. This helps police officers solve cases quickly and discover criminals. The IPDR provides agencies with the capability to gather and record traffic statistics produced on a network that can also be used as evidence. They need an expert analyst who can gather information and analyze call detail records, find the suspect easily and present them in court, thereby solving the case.

How expert Cdr analyst can help police departments in investigations?

Having expertise in call detail record analysis and reports, he can help the police agencies. Mr. Milind Agarwal has extensive experience as an expert analyst in helping police officers with CDR analysis. At the same time, the speaker can assist the law enforcement agencies in investigating the case and tracing the criminal. Based on the details, the analyst can perform a call detail analysis and draw a conclusion.

Who is the best CDR/IPDR/Tower DR analysis expert speaker?

Mr. Milind Agarwal is a CDR/IPDR/Tower DR expert analyst, who has more than 10 years of experience in this field. He has an expert speaker, who has provided training to many law enforcement agencies in India. Being a professional speaker and investigator, he has done analysis of the several call details and records. The analyst is working with agencies in many cases and helping to track the criminals through his analysis.

How to get CDR/IPDR/Tower DR analysis training?

Police departments can get CDR/IPDR/Tower DR analysis training from an experienced call detail record analyst as well as speaker. Mr. Milind, a well-known speaker can help law enforcement agencies by training them about CDR/IPDR/ Tower DR analysis. He is a CDR analysis speaker, who provides training to police officers on how to investigate and solve cases with the help of CDR/IPDR/Tower DR details. The speaker will provide full training and answer all your questions during the training.

Contact Mr. Milind Agarwal to get training and assistance from him in investigations through CDR/IPDR/Tower DR analysis.