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CDR Analysis

CDR Analysis Software

LIS (Link Intelligence) is a CDR Analysis Software developed by Milind Agarwal and his team. This Call Detail Record analysis software will be extremely helpful for law enforcement officers in tracking down any type of Call Data Record. It is a unique desktop application equipped with an enormous database and responsive support team. This application will bring down the process of Call Detail Analysis to a matter of seconds.

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Product Description

LIS CDR Analysis Software is developed by Avenging Security Pvt Ltd under Milind Agarwal's leadership as a desktop-based application. With tons of unique features, this Call Detail Record Analysis Application definitely stands out from the crowd. During the development process, both speed and efficiency of the system were seriously considered. Through the use of a sophisticated algorithm and automated procedures, this app makes work much more efficient and time-saving. There is a large amount of Call Details in the database where the scan will be performed. Using an inbuilt algorithm, this CDR analysis tool automatically detects details of calls and sms received from a specific number, making investigation much easier. The package includes complimentary 24-hour support as well. Avenging Security guarantees that there will never be any stagnation of workflow due to technical reasons for the client who purchases this app in the future Additionally, a team of 20 remote assistance specialists will be available 24*7 hours for clients who purchase this CDR Analysis Software. As a result, if ever a client is deserted in a remote location with no access to the resources required to use this application properly, Avenging Security and their 20 team member will be glad to provide assistance. So one is not only purchasing software, but also the services of a team of fully trained and equipped technical support technicians.

CDR & Tower Dump Analysis Software Features

The software tool helps Law Enforcement Agencies, Police Department & Security Agencies to Import, Analyze, Investigate & Work on the “Call Data Records” (CDR) and any other such type of records, received from various Mobile Operators quickly and efficiently, regardless of difference in File Formats, Column Formats & Operator’s Layout Formats.

Feature List :

  • Software will automatically accept all the formats of CDR & Tower Dumps provided by different companies and change them into the same executable format.
  • Software will import all the CDR in batch mode
  • Software will have a case management.
  • Software will generate all the report in one click and able to produce the following reports
  • Decoded CDRs
  • Frequency Analysis Report
    • By B Number
    • By Cell Id
    • By IMEI
    • By IMSI
  • Common B Party among Numbers
  • Common IMEI among Numbers
  • Common Number among Sets
    • Number Present in Tower Location
    • B Party Number in Tower
    • Common in any way
  • It is able to generate various reports that are useful while working on call record details, which includes
    • Formatted CDR’s
    • Geo Mapped Route Charts
    • Find New Numbers
    • Find common A & B party numbers in the same location
    • Mark Calling Pattern
  • The Software can generate an Advance Filtering Report. The filter will work with following :
    • By Date
    • By Time
    • By Duration
    • By Call Type
    • By Cell Id
    • By Numbers
    • By IMEIs
    • Multi Number Search
    • Multi IMEI Search
    • Multi Cell Id Search
    • Nested Searching
    • Partial Searching
    • Lat Long Wise Searching
  • Software can generate Geo Reports
    • Call Location Wise
    • Near By Towers/Number
    • Route Chart & Cell Id Wise
    • Place Wise
  • Software is able to create visually appealing reports for
    • Common Numbers
    • Time Line Charts
  • The software is able to tag and merge CDR’s & Tower Dumps according to the requirements
  • It has automatic number search facility
  • The software can be integrated with Outlook
  • It is able to split CDR’s and Cell ID’s if requirement arises