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Information Security Training

Information Security Training

Information Security Course

Information security is the process of preventing an unauthorized party from accessing, using, disclosing, disrupting, changing, inspecting, recording, or destroying information. Several types of information may be collected, ranging from our locations to contacts to social media to biometrics data. Information security covers a wide range of topics including cryptography, mobile computing, cyber forensics, social media, etc. As the field of information security has grown in the 21st century, this has evolved into a specialized area of study. This includes subjects such as allied infrastructure, secure applications and databases, security testing, information systems, auditing, business continuity planning, etc.
So, did all these discussions about Information Security interest you? You want to learn Information Security but do not know the right place to contact?
Well, in that case, Avenging Security whole heartedly welcomes you to join their training program near you. We are a Jaipur based institute near Delhi, India who have opened an online course for students interested in Information Security. What makes us different from the rest of the crowd is that, unlike everyone else, we do not demand any prerequisites. It will be sufficient for our teachers to have a basic understanding of computer operations to instruct our students. We have an experienced set of faculty who have nearly ten years of experience in this field.
We aim at self sufficiency.
Our primary goal in creating this course was to make the students self-sufficient. We have seen multiple instances of people getting themselves into legal complications because of their lack of knowledge in this field. Thus, information security can be treated more as a basic life skill in this era of the internet than an ordinary online course. Using the training program, you will be able to effectively manage and protect your information without blindly trusting third parties.
Job Opportunities?
It is very jolly news to declare that Information Security has become more of a career than as an academic field these days. There can be multiple job opportunity for the coders in multiple MNCs and firms in Inia as per the reports of NAASDAC. This course will not only help you manage your data but also do the same for others professionally.
Thus, learning this course is very beneficial to a student's future. What are you waiting for? Join Avenging Security’s Online Python Training Program near you now.

Information Security Institute Duration

  • Regular Classes (Morning, Day time and Evening - 1.5+ Hours Daily)

    Duration 90 – 120 days

    Seats Available: 3 -5(max)

  • Weekend Training Classes (Saturday, Sunday and Holidays- 6+ Hours Daily)

    Duration 10 – 12 weeks

    Seats Available: 3 -5(max)

  • Fast Track Training Program (8+ Hours Daily)

    Duration 10 – 15 days

    Seats Available: 5 -7(max)

Certified Ethical Hacking


  • Module 01: Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  • Module 02: Networking Concept
  • Module 03: Operating System Concept – Part I
  • Module 04: Operating System Concept – Part II
  • Module 05: Virtualisation
  • Module 06: Web Architecture and PHP Basics
  • Module 07: Footprinting
  • Module 08: Google Hacking (Open Source Intelligence)
  • Module 09: Scanning Network
  • Module 10: Enumeration
  • Module 11: System Hacking
  • Module 12: Smart phone hacking and security
  • Module 13: Passwords Breaking
  • Module 14: Keylogger
  • Module 15: Steganography
  • Module 16: Cryptography
  • Module 17: Cyber Crime Investigation