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Python Training

Python Training

Python Course

In this modern world, Python is one of the most widely used programming languages for data science. Python is a general purpose programming language considered to be a higher level programming language. Additionally, it is used to develop software and apps, websites, machine learning algorithms, and artificial intelligence. Using Python has its unique benefits. It entails open source development and community development. In addition, it is portable, which is a big plus. There is also an extensive support library that is user-friendly. The presence of third-party modules is another great feature. These factors increase the productivity and speed of programmers, and make this language easier to learn.
Did we interest you in Python? Are you willing to learn Python as a beginner?
We at Avenging Security are offering you Online Python Training Course near you. We are an institute based in Jaipur, India offering complete Python coaching courses online. The course will be taught by an experienced group of tutors with over 10 years' experience from day one to encourage hungry students to follow along. For our coaching classes, there are no prerequisites. Almost anyone can become a tech pro if he/she has a basic understanding of computers. In the event you need some care or attention, a counseling team is also available. You can count on us for personalized care. Now is the time to join Avenging Security near you.
Are you facing problems in making LOGIC?
We are once again happy to assist you. Here, at Avenging Security we have professionals with a combined experience of over a decade, who are here to help with your issues. If you would like to stimulate your coding test scenarios, we can offer you Python practice sets. You will be able to make LOGIC correctly with our expert guidance. Our online classes will make you write code, discuss problems, point out overlooked details, and discuss the most crucial aspects of Python.
In interviews, how to prepare Python queries
Are you tired of not being able to answer Python-related questions in interviews? Avenging Security, near you offers Python coaching classes online which might be very helpful for those struggling with the language. By teaching, clarifying doubts and preparing your Python foundation, our tutors can guide you through the best ways to deal with Python-related questions.
Therefore, we are confident that our Online Python Coaching Courses Coaching Security, Jaipur, India will enable you to gain a better understanding of this programming language. We will also assist you with statistical programming, information visualization, and text analysis. Time is running out! Come see Avenging Security near you if you haven't already.

Python Training Institute Duration

  • Regular Classes (Morning, Day time and Evening - 1.5+ Hours Daily)

    Duration 30 - 45 days

    Seats Available: 3 -5(max)

  • Weekend Training Classes (Saturday, Sunday and Holidays- 6+ Hours Daily)

    Duration 2-3 weeks

    Seats Available: 3 -5(max)

  • Fast Track Training Program (8+ Hours Daily)

    Duration 5-6 days

    Seats Available: 5 -7(max)

Python Training


  • Module 01: Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  • Module 02: Networking Concept
  • Module 03: Working on Linux Machine
  • Module 04: Operating System Concept – Part I
  • Module 05: Operating System Concept – Part II
  • Module 06: Virtualisation
  • Module 07: Footprinting
  • Module 08: Google Hacking (Open Source Intelligence)
  • Module 09: Scanning Network
  • Module 10: Enumeration
  • Module 11: System Hacking
  • Module 12: Smart phone hacking and security
  • Module 13: Passwords Breaking
  • Module 14: Keylogger
  • Module 15: Steganography
  • Module 16: Cryptography
  • Module 17: Cyber Crime Investigation
  • Module 18: Introduction to Python
  • Module 19: Trojans
  • Module 20: Backdoors
  • Module 21: Viruses
  • Module 22: Worms
  • Module 23: Sniffing
  • Module 24: Phishing
  • Module 25: Social Engineering
  • Module 26: Denial of Service
  • Module 27: Session Hacking
  • Module 28: Hacking Web Applications
  • Module 29: SQL Injection
  • Module 30: Penetration Testing with Kali
  • Module 31: Vulnerability and Penetration Testing Report
  • Module 32: Miscellaneous
  • Module 33: Cyber Forensics
  • Project Development - 1
  • Project Development - 2
  • Project Development - 3
  • Project Development - 4
  • Project Development - 5
  • Project Development - 6
  • Project Development - 7