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Cyber Crime Investigation Training

Cyber Crime Investigation Training

Cyber Crime Investigation Course

Modern civilization cannot function without the Internet. And the internet is misused in the same way that every great scientific or technological innovation has been. Cybercrime can affect any system involving the internet. Therefore, addressing threats in the online world and eliminating them is an important part of professional work.
We at Avenging Security provide a solution to those problems with our Cyber Crime Investigation Course in India. The goal of this class is to teach advanced skills in defeating all types of online threats like hackers, trackers, and malware.
In our Online Cyber Crime Analyst Investigation Course, students will learn about all of the popular operating systems, including Windows 7,8,10, Mac, and Linux. In this course, students will learn how to recognize and react to various types of student environments such as Darknets, dark markets, malware, phishing, exploit kits, etc.
This cyber crime investigation training program will enhance certain other skills like encryption, physical and virtual isolation, covering sandboxes etc. You can also learn about the state tracking and hacking infrastructure.
Did we manage to arouse your interest in Cyber Crime Investigation?
Avenging Security has always been a premier institute, offering the best certified Cyber Crime Investigation Course along with some other courses. Having worked with several law enforcement departments all over the country and maintaining long standing relationships with them, we have accumulated tons of experience in this area. Several of our educators have worked for more than 10 years and are regarded as real professionals in their fields. The coaching at our institute is of the highest quality, so you can be assured of that.
Why Avenging Security’s Online Cyber Crime Investigation Course and not anything else?
Since we have already talked about our vast experience in this field, we won't repeat what is already obvious. Aside from that, our faculty is comprised of highly qualified professionals dedicated to teaching anyone who is eager to learn. As opposed to others, we do not require pre-requisites. I would like to invite you to our Online certificate course in Cyber Crime Investigation if you are enthusiastic about this course and have some basic knowledge of using a computer.
Can we do this professionally?
You can absolutely do that. Recent NAASCOM reports suggest that India will see an increase in its number of cybercriminal investigators in the near future. So, if you are a programmer, developer, or coder, this course will give you a competitive edge. Private and government spheres offer a wide variety of career prospects along with a handsome amount of cash at the end of the year. Why not get started? Become a Certified Cyber Crime Investigator today!

Cyber Crime Investigation Duration

  • Regular Classes (Morning, Day time and Evening - 1.5+ Hours Daily)

    Duration 30 - 45 days

    Seats Available: 3 -5(max)

  • Weekend Training Classes (Saturday, Sunday and Holidays- 6+ Hours Daily)

    Duration 2 - 3 weeks

    Seats Available: 3 -5(max)

  • Fast Track Training Program (8+ Hours Daily)

    Duration 5 - 6 days

    Seats Available: 5 -7(max)

Cyber Crime Investigation


  • Module 01: Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  • Module 02: Networking Concept
  • Module 03: Working on Linux Machine
  • Module 04: Operating System Concept – Part I
  • Module 05: Operating System Concept – Part II
  • Module 06: Virtualisation
  • Module 07: Footprinting
  • Module 08: Google Hacking (Open Source Intelligence)
  • Module 09: Scanning Network
  • Module 10: Enumeration
  • Module 11: System Hacking
  • Module 12: Smart phone hacking and security
  • Module 13: Passwords Breaking
  • Module 14: Keylogger
  • Module 15: Steganography
  • Module 16: Cryptography
  • Module 17: Cyber Crime Investigation
  • Module 18: Introduction to Python
  • Module 19: Trojans
  • Module 20: Backdoors
  • Module 21: Viruses
  • Module 22: Worms
  • Module 23: Sniffing
  • Module 24: Phishing
  • Module 25: Social Engineering
  • Module 26: Denial of Service
  • Module 27: Session Hacking
  • Module 28: Hacking Web Applications
  • Module 29: SQL Injection
  • Module 30: Penetration Testing with Kali
  • Module 31: Vulnerability and Penetration Testing Report
  • Module 32: Miscellaneous
  • Module 33: Cyber Forensics
  • Project Development - 1
  • Project Development - 2
  • Project Development - 3
  • Project Development - 4
  • Project Development - 5
  • Project Development - 6
  • Project Development - 7