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Certified Ethical Hacking Training

Certified Ethical Hacking Training

Certified Ethical Hacking Course

Ethical hacking essentially aims to minimize the chances of your system being compromised. In this situation, an authorized attempt is made to crack a system to find loopholes in its cyber security. Scanning ports, examining protocols and applications for known defects, and installing patches are part of this process. DoS attacks, social engineering tactics, reverse engineering, disk forensics, vulnerability research, and so on, are all forms of well known attacks. Hacking ethically minimizes fraud and security risks by ensuring loopholes are closed and the system is bug-free.
So, are you a beginner interested in ethical hacking?
Well, we at Avenging Security, a Jaipur based institute and security solutions company, India are offering a full online training program on Ethical Hacking near you. In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about ethical hacking. During this training program, you will gain an understanding of the process and procedures of ethical hacking with the goal of becoming self-sufficient. In addition, we are the only institute to not require any prerequisites for enrollment. We offer this course to anyone with a basic knowledge of computers.
We aim at making you self-sufficient, not a script kiddy.
That means that our primary goal is to make you self-sufficient as a programmer in this field. We do not want you to depend on anyone else to provide you with your programs and software. Neither do we encourage downloading of shady apps and software for your website or server. In fact, we guarantee that once you have completed our entire course, you will be proficient enough to perform your own server safety tests.
Additionally, ethical hacking can lead to lots of employment opportunities.
Yes, you heard it right. By learning ethical hacking, not only will you be able to achieve your own purpose, but you will also be able to make a living. Ethics hacking is considered to be one of the most dynamic fields with many career opportunities. NASSCOM claim that India will be able to create nearly a million new jobs in the upcoming years. Therefore, this course will not only be an excellent resource for your company, but it will also provide a useful skill you can use to make money.
So, we can conclude that anyone working with the Internet and interacting with it through multiple interfaces will greatly benefit from Avenging Security's Online Ethical Hacking Training Course. Time is ticking. Don't wait too long. Register Now!

Ethical Hacking Institute Duration

  • Regular Classes (Morning, Day time and Evening - 1.5+ Hours Daily)

    Duration 90 – 120 days

    Seats Available: 3 -5(max)

  • Weekend Training Classes (Saturday, Sunday and Holidays- 6+ Hours Daily)

    Duration 10 – 12 weeks

    Seats Available: 3 -5(max)

  • Fast Track Training Program (8+ Hours Daily)

    Duration 10 – 15 days

    Seats Available: 5 -7(max)

Certified Ethical Hacking


  • Module 01: Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  • Module 02: Networking Concept
  • Module 03: Working on Linux Machine
  • Module 04: Operating System Concept – Part I
  • Module 05: Operating System Concept – Part II
  • Module 06: Virtualisation
  • Module 07: Footprinting
  • Module 08: Google Hacking (Open Source Intelligence)
  • Module 09: Scanning Network
  • Module 10: Enumeration
  • Module 11: System Hacking
  • Module 12: Smart phone hacking and security
  • Module 13: Passwords Breaking
  • Module 14: Keylogger
  • Module 15: Steganography
  • Module 16: Cryptography
  • Module 17: Cyber Crime Investigation
  • Module 18: Introduction to Python
  • Module 19: Trojans
  • Module 20: Backdoors
  • Module 21: Viruses
  • Module 22: Worms
  • Module 23: Sniffing
  • Module 24: Phishing
  • Module 25: Social Engineering
  • Module 26: Denial of Service
  • Module 27: Session Hacking
  • Module 28: Hacking Web Applications
  • Module 29: SQL Injection
  • Module 30: Penetration Testing with Kali
  • Module 31: Vulnerability and Penetration Testing Report
  • Module 32: Miscellaneous
  • Module 33: Cyber Forensics
  • Project Development - 1
  • Project Development - 2
  • Project Development - 3
  • Project Development - 4
  • Project Development - 5
  • Project Development - 6
  • Project Development - 7