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Social Media based Crime Analysis

Social Media based Crime Analysis


It is a well-known fact that social media has become an integral part of the daily lives of people in India. Many of you know social media on its best side, but some have encountered its darker side. It has imposed a threat to netizens' privacy, dignity, and security which has increased fraud in India. The finding of evidence and tracking down suspects can sometimes prove extremely difficult for law enforcement agencies analyst. For online frauds, you need an expert social media fraud analyst and investigator.

Milind Agarwal is a social media fraud investigator in India, who can help with online fraud investigations and tracking the suspect.

Why Mr. Milind Agarwal?

He is a well-known social media fraud investigator in India with years of experience. He is a successful suspect analyst who has done many investigations and trained law enforcement agencies. The analyst even started a series “Webbed” on the MTV channel to spread awareness of social media crime amongst people.

How Milind Agarwal can help netizens?

Account Hacking- In case the victim's social media account has been hacked, Mr. Milind Agarwal, social media fraud analyst in India will take preventive measures like increasing security, strong password to prevent future attacks.

Fake Profiles- Suspects often create fake profiles of individuals and try to trick by libellous or defamatory statements or uploading inappropriate content on their behalf. Social media suspect investigator, Milind Agarwal will conduct in-depth investigations to find out the suspect. Furthermore, the analyst will remove the fake profile or account created on the victim’s behalf.

Extortion & Blackmailing- Stealing personal data, then blackmailing and forcing for money is depressing. The social media suspect investigator will do investigations and find out the suspect. The Analyst will strengthen your account privacy and examine data breaches properly.

Defamation-As a defamatory on social media , if anyone attempts to fabricate fake documents or pictures to defame you, Milind Agarwal, investigator in India will conduct social media investigations. He'll take down all fake items that are damaging your reputation online.

Stalking & Threatening- Being an expert fraud analyst in India, he will carry out a thorough investigations and find the fraud person. The investigator will strengthen online privacy and security. He knows powerful tricks to get safety against stalkers.

How Milind Agarwal can help law enforcement agencies?

Case Investigation- As the best social media fraud analyst in India, he has done many investigations and worked with many law enforcement agencies to combat social media frauds. He will help you in social media investigations for law enforcement.

Tracking Criminal- In order to track criminals in India, the fraud analyst has developed software programs and hardware applications like IP Address Grabber and LIS Cell ID Grabber. Through knowledge of technology, the investigator will track the suspect IP address, and even his location for law enforcement. As an experienced investigator , he will help law enforcement agencies in investigations to track the criminal.

Evidence Collection- Expert investigator in India for law enforcement, Mr. Milind Agarwal will help law enforcement agency by collecting powerful evidence for social media investigations for law enforcement. Whether it's offensive comments, documents, emails, messages videos, or call records. Through online-based backup systems, analyst will collect the evidence and help law enforcement agency in collecting evidence and doing investigations.

Search and Seizure- Seizure of electronic devices is not always prudent to complete the investigations in India. To know what and how to search and seizure, law enforcement agencies should connect with best suspect investigator and analyst in India. Having worked as a social media suspect investigator in India, he will guide law enforcement agency in conducting preliminary investigations and advising as investigator what action to take for search and seizure procedures.

In order to track the suspect and aid victims against fraud , contact Mr. Milind Agarwal, the best social media suspect analyst in India for netizens and law enforcement agencies.