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A blockchain is a public digital ledger of transactions that records information in a way impossible to alter or delete. Similarly Crytocurrency is a currency which is secured by cryptography which makes it impossible to counterfeit or double spend. And Bitcoin is one such example of cryptocurrency used for transactions like our cash. Other significant examples of cryptocurrencies include Tether, Dogecoin, XRP, Ripple, Steller, Ethereum etc

Then the inevitable question is, what should one do?

Well, Mr. Milind Agarwal is always there to help the people out of their distress. And like any other legal scenario, advocate Milind Agarwal has a solution to this crisis as well. He is a criminal lawyer by profession but has an M.Tech degree and is also a coder and programmer. He specializes in cyber law to use the Indian judicial system against these scammeres at its full potential.

Does Mr. Milind Agarwal have a previous experience? Why only him?

Mr. Agarwal has solved multiple cases related to this. The recent Dehradun scam has been highlighted for being the largest scam in the recent time. The client invested nearly 40 lakh Indian rupees in cyrptocurrency and was scammed. He not only helped the police to solve the crime and catch the victim but he recovered the money for multiple. The money recovery is an important step which adds to his set of skills.

Are you planning to implement Blockchain in your company?

Yes, he has a good knowledge in Blockchain and he can help you in implementing thre program. If you are afraid of the legal complications and installation of this program in your system, he can give you a consulation. He can smoothly supervise the system due to his technical knowledge as well as draft and sort out the legal spects with your system.