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IPR in Cyber Space

IPR in Cyber Space

IPR in Cyber Space

IPR or Intellectual Property Rights are legal rights that protect creations and inventions from piracy. This includes any kind of activities from scientific, literary and artistic fields. Anything from these fields which is an intellectual brainchild of some person can be violated and misused by someone else to wrongly extract profit from it. Thus someone needs an IPR expert to protect safeguard them from these frauds and help him/her out of this situation.

This can be demonstrated by a simple example. If a musician releases a song, it is his/her intellectual property. Thus he/she can use this music and sell it however they want. But suppose someone else gets the music and starts using it for his/her own profit, it becomes a breach in the copyright rules. An Intellectual property expert will can help the artist to get her music licensed under a record label to legally hold the rights of any kind of commercial and non-commercial use. In this way, the artist can stop her work from being mishandled due to profit and can even take the case to the court and sue someone if he/she decides to.

So, this brings us back to the topic, how to deal with these copyright issues in cyber space?

We would like to introduce you to Mr. Milind Agarwal, the top IPR and Cyber Lawyer in India. Mr. Agarwal has a M. Tech from the IIT as well as a degree in Law and a fairly impressive amount of practice in the last 7-10 years. He perfectly understands the technicalities of the internet as well the laws and sections which is necessary to handle these issues.

What if someone booked a domain related to your business or trademark and is running the same business?

Well this is one of the most common cases in the online market and Mr. Milind Agarwal has tons of experience in handling with these. To prevent you from these copyright infringements, one has to at first register his trademark or business to the respective authorities. This requires a solid and clear legal foundation which Mr. Agrawal is ready to provide you. Then only can you take legal action against someone who is breaching the terms and conditions of the copyright policy.

Why only Milind Agarwal?

Mr. Agarwal has a degree in Computer Science from the IIT and himself is a programmer. This gurrantees you enough technical support and ground work leading to a strong foundation of your company. He also boasts a long track record of succesful cases and clients in his long career spanning for more than seven years.

All of these makes Mr. Milind Agarwal the first priority choice of the people who are interested in such a topic. Mr. Agarwal also generally offers his service at a siglificantly low price. So what are you waiting for? Contact now.